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Don't take our word for it. Hear what some of our customers have to say about our products...


Chris says:

My entire team ordered and used these in AFG. They are the absolute best pads on the market. There is nothing like them. It is like a tempurpedic mattress for your helmet. It molds to your head. I have used them in the heat, the cold, in the mountains and on the range. They hold up and they last. My entire team loved them and still uses them to this day.

Jonesy says:

I am on my second set of these pads in about four years. I work in operational test for ground combat troops. My first kit was a prototype kit for the OpsCore helmet. It was BY FAR the most comfortable set up I have ever had on my dome. We immediately froze two helmets: a stock OpsCore and one with these pads. Both were rock hard when pulled from the freezer after about 13 hours. We had two guys put the helmets on. The stock pads stayed rock hard for more than half an hour and were very uncomfortable for nearly 90 minutes before they settled into "normal". These pads stayed rock hard for about 3-5 minutes and were "baseball cap" comfortable in less than ten minutes. The longest I have worn these pads without taking my helmet off has been just over 9 hours while doinr a land nav course in Wisconsisn this spring. Before these pads, I started getting a headache after 2-3 hours. By the end of those 9 hours I had nothing. I could have gone another 4-5 hours the way they felt.

Enough about myself. I have handed out sample kits to about 14 guys so I could get their feedback. So far, I have had requests for more pads from all of them. All of them wanted the kits for buddies... their kits were still going strong. I have also had Special Tactics Squadrons contact me looking for purchase info for these kits.

Bottom line, I have 18 years of experience with this sort of equipment on my head. Many of thsoe I have received feedback from have nearly as much... and in some case more. I have received exactly zero negative feedback. If someone wants to be an opportunist by selling replacement pads that are better and more comfortable for less than the stock pads cost.. let him be an opportunist. His opportunism is helping those of us who have to wear this gear. in nealry every possible way.

Fed SRT says:

Have been running these liners for about two years after some team members complained about the basic line our tactical helmets came with. ARG Tactical recommended these. Every team member raves about them. Gets rid of "hot spots" that less conforming pads often cause. Absolutely gives you a custom, secure fit for your helmet. These pads were simiple to install and withstood teh heat of south Texas without coming apart. Great product.

Chip says:

I've got first hand experience! Guys, I shit you not: it's like putting your head in a bucket of boobs. Not only do they meet or exceed ACH impact spec. but they're flame resistant and exceed the current standard issue pads in some test areas(we have the documentation in hand). But the kicker is the comfort. I've been wearing ballistic helmets my entire adult life and never felt anything like this.

Chris says:

The pads are far and awa the best pads on hte market. Nothing comes even close. My entire team ordered these and used these during out last trip to AFG. Everybody loved them. They mold to your head and feel like a tempupedic mattress is holding your helmet on. We used them in hot conditions and cold and they are comfortable and durable.

John M. says:

These pads are seriously the best pads EVER. I swapped them out for th eArmy issue garbage inside my ACH. Two weeks later I took a tumble out of my gunner chair in the back of an ASV and whacked my head. My butt hurt but my head felt great. I felt no pain and I landed hard. The pads are AMAZING, they can breath and can wick sweat without a problem and feel like a memory foam pillow on my head. HUGE fan of these pads and connot recommend them enough.

Tommy Williams says:

These pads are the shit! When I wear my ACH its like my head is wrapped in a bucket of freedom clouds. Every time I wear my Helmet I don't mind having it on my head. I let someone borrow my ACH on a range and he even commented on them and asked where I got them from and bought his own. If you want unmatched comfort while wearing your kit get these pads.