One of our great strengths, is rapid prototyping. We can typically go from concept to production quality prototype within 30 days. This capability allows us to very quickly respond to our customers needs. Once we receive initial feedback on the prototype, we can quickly incorporate modifications, and implement into our design. Once we have nailed the final design, we can quickly transition from LRIP through full rate production. We have in-house die cutting, laminating, pad printing, patterning, and sewing capabilities. We can quickly tool permanent dies and fixtures (as required), and immediately roll into any level of scalable manufacturing requirements, that are placed upon us.

    We have facilities strategically positioned throughout the country, to minimize response time to many of our key government and OEM customers. Most of these locations have excess capacity. In the event an opportunity exceeds our internal capabilities, we are quick to recognize this, and will regularly team with larger strategic partners. These partners have massive expansion capabilities, and resources to compliment very large, and often-complex product opportunities. These strategic partners are aligned with our core competencies, and will typically compliment our core business and customer’s growth needs.