L4 G41 Mount

L4 G41 MountThe Wilcox L4 G41 Low Profile Breakaway Mount allows firm attachment of a variety of NVGs to MICH/ACH and ECH helmets using a one or three-hole Hybrid Shroud. This NVG mounting system allows the mount to “break away” from the base under a stressed conditions. The Wilcox L4 G41 option features a Wilcox Hybrid shroud, and provides easy attachment of the mount to any helmet drilled with a standard one or three-hole configuration.



3.98"L x 2.60"W x 2.40" H (Operational)

.36 lb (5.76 oz) Weight (Hybrid Shroud Only) .10 lb (1.6 oz) (G24 Mount Only)

Material Construction Light Weight, Aerospace Grade Metal

Accommodates NVG AN/PVS-7B and 14 (Both Require Optional Hardware), 7A, 7C, 15, and 18

Vertical Height Adjustment .900" Total Travel Fore/Aft Travel 1.10" Total Travel